Custom made cakes from the confectionary restaurant YURA are made according to traditional international recipes. The most iconic tender fillings, coupled with the original decoration of creams, fresh berries and fruits will remain in your memory a unique game of sweet flavors. We use only farm local products and fresh ingredients to create a unique dessert.

In decorating cakes we use berries, fruits, meringues, nuts, various creams, cream, candied fruits, waffles, chocolate and sweets.

Fillings  per 1 kg of cake:

  • Honey cake  1500 rub
  • Apple Pie Napoleon   2000 rub
  • Dacquoise Coconut Passion Fruit  2500 rub
  • Chocolate raspberry mousse  2500 rub
  • Blue Cheese Cheesecake  2500 rub
  • Bird's milk  2500 rub
  • Mango raspberry mousse cake  2500 rub
  • Yoghurt cake  2500 rub
  • Black forest cake 2500 rub
  • Counts ruins cake 3000 rub
  • Strawberry Millefeuill 3000 rub
Minimum order - 2 kg.

To order a cake: +7 499 714 68 88


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