White wine is usually served with fish, red wine with meat, everyone knows that. And what wine is brighter revealed with fruit? Which salad is better to order to white dry? And how does a grape variety affect the lightness of a drink? Our chef-sommelier Vlad Gaykin knows everything about wines and is happy to tell you in detail about your favorite drink!

From Tuesday to Saturday from 4:00 pm at the restaurant’s wine table a professional sommelier, fully armed with the legendary Coravin greets guests!

At the wine table you will be able to:

• Enjoy a wine tasting and choose a wine to suit the mood of the evening

• Choose universal combinations of food and snacks

• Learn interesting facts about any wine and its history of origin.

A nice bonus from a sommelier will be a 30% discount on certain positions of wines - check with the restaurant for more information.

As usual, guests enjoy free parking with a check of 2000 rubles and subject to availability.

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