Spring! Love! Seafood!

Spring! Love! Seafood!

With the long-awaited onset of warmness, fresh seafood appeared in the YURA restaurant! 

You can now decorate the wine dinner or add to the exquisite lunch the diverse inhabitants of the sea depths. 

In the evening, as you know, oysters are especially good with "Sauvignon Blanc" or in the classic tandem with "Brut" champagne - our professional sommelier will help you choose drinks.


The menu includes:

  • live scallops and sea hedgehogs of the Sea of Okhotsk

  • Imperial and Hasan oysters of the Sea of Japan

  • "White Pearl" oysters straight from Tunisia


Offer is available only on weekends. 

With a check of 2,000 rubles and subject to availability, you can use the free parking for no more than 3 hours for 1 car.


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