Let's go! for dinner

In continuation of Sochi exclusive gala dinners Mark Statsenko, Brand Chef of RODINA Grand Hotel & SPA Sochi & YURA Restaurant Moscow is pleased to invite you to a gastronomic journey in the very heart of Moscow on the 28th of February. This set is a tasty farewell to winter.

The pianist Stanislav Akulov will be responsible for the musical arrangement.

Start: 19:00

Price: 3500 rubles

RSVP +7 495 587 77 25

Breakfast in YURA

Daily from 7:00 to 11:00.

YURA restaurant breakfasts are ideal for a morning awakening in an atmosphere of metropolitan bustle. Having visited us before a busy day or staying at the hotel, you will enjoy the author's works of gastronomy in the format of a special menu or Buffet!

Breakfast à la carte - from 350 rubles.
Buffet - 2250 rubles.

Free parking for restaurant guests with a check of 2000 rubles and subject to availability.

 Book a table or add breakfast to your room reservation:
+7 495 587 77 25


Restaurant YURA has become a real meeting place and leisurely breakfasts, smoothly flowing into business or romantic dinners.

On weekdays from 12:00 to 17:00 there is an opportunity to eat at YURA with a 20% discount.

Book tables by phone +7 495 587 77 25, enjoy the views of the capital and taste the gastronomic news from the chef.

Free parking for restaurant guests with a check of 2000 rubles and subject to availability.



Every Friday and Saturday at YURA restaurant the weekend begins with musical evenings space DJ sets and covers performed by talented bands and duets.

During the evening, a professional sommelier gives his recommendations in the selection of drinks, and at the wine table there is a special 30% discount on the unique positions of the wine list.

Event posters are updated weekly on our website and on social networks. Guests who booked tables are provided with free parking, subject to availability of 2000 rubles from the check. A soft zone, a secluded library or a table by the window with a panoramic view of the illumination of Pushkin Square - any convenient location of your choice.

Live Music / DJ sets

Beginning - 21:00 / 22:00

Book a table: +7 495 587 77 25

The Soviet menu in new reading of brand chef Mark Statsenko

New tastes in YURA restaurant are opened by the famous Russian chef, talented and indefatigable experimenter Mark Statsenko.

Murmansk cod and halibut, farm beef steaks, desserts straight from childhood, a variety of tartares and vegetarian dishes - all this is on the menu of Soviet cuisine in the new reading of the famous brand chef.

Book a table for your new gourmet impressions:

+7 495 587 77 25

Cakes in YURA

Custom made cakes from the confectionary restaurant YURA are made according to traditional international recipes. The most iconic tender fillings, coupled with the original decoration of creams, fresh berries and fruits will remain in your memory a unique game of sweet flavors. We use only farm local products and fresh ingredients to create a unique dessert.

In decorating cakes we use berries, fruits, meringues, nuts, various creams, cream, candied fruits, waffles, chocolate and sweets.

To order a cake: +7 495 587 77 25 

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