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Private fitness

Private fitness

StandArt hotel Moscow is launching the limited series of membership cards for the fitness studio with a 40% discount. Perfect offer for those who loves training in the atmosphere of privacy and comfort.

For you:
- gym and fitness-studio in the most stylish place in the city
- training in the cozy atmosphere of 5* hotel
- personal classes for fitness, yoga and qigong
- design interior and amazing view on the Pushkin square
- closed parking in the heart of Moscow.
All the activities of the aqua zone (hamam, sauna and swimming pool) are always available.

Price for membership:
10000RUB per a month
42000RUB for 6 month card (save up 40%)
72000 RUB for 12 month card (save up more 40%)

1 visit for aqua zone (if you don't stay in hotel) - 2500RUB

Personal training (fitness, yoga, pilates) - 3500 RUB/hour

To know more please reach us by phone +7 495 587 77 27 or e-mail: spa-studio@standarthotel.com.


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