Wedding Venue for Civil Ceremonies

Wedding Venue for Civil Ceremonies

StandArt hotel Moscow has all the facilities to make any celebration a special event. Original concept of the hotel will underline the dignity of the occasion, and retro futuristic interior and art objects, popular with celebrities and fashion magazines, will stay in the memory of guests and heroes of the day forever.

Respectable interior of “Tres” hall on the 9 floor, all done in art deco style, will become an ideal framing for the intimate celebration. High ceilings going up to 5 meters and amazing view on the historical center of the city will give the guests the feeling of flight.

Avant-garde interior of “Lunokhod” hall on the 9 floor is done in loft style – impeccable decision for contemporary wedding, party or cocktails. Architectural project of the hall makes it possible to zone the space, offering the guests more options for entertainment. Multimedia projects created for the event can be presented on the massive screens and video wall (4 to 3 meters).

Spacious YURA restaurant on the 2 floor with immensive windows and multilevel lighting is essential for elegant banqueting. Laconic style of the hall makes a good background for any phantasy decoration. Musical performances and shows can be organized with the use of multimedia facilities of the restaurant.


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