Conference hall on the 9th floor

Conference hall on the 9th floor

Spacious, airy halls of the 9 th floor of StandArt hotel Moscow are distinguished by artistic interior design and completely isolated location that is so important for private business events.

Conference hall “Tres” is done in art deco style, that can be guessed by rounded lines and the use of warm color natural wood. Different height of the ceiling in the central and side parts helps to visually zone the room, for example, combining the theatre-style seating with cocktail or buffet reception.

Conference hall “Lunokhod” is set up in popular loft style. Deep grey shades are making the décor of the floor and the walls, and intense black color of the ceiling becomes best possible background for the lighting system. Low sills make the space look wider, brighter and more attractive. Possibility to divide 194 square meters space into 3 separate halls helps to complete any organizational tasks: from creating the coffee-break zone to organizing isolated space for private meetings and negotiations.


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