Stanislav Tratsevskiy art objects
as a semantic centers of the StandArt Hotel Moscow rooms

Moscow-born artist Stanislav Tratsevskiy has transformed from philosophizing painter to a luxury hotelier with StandArt Hotel Moscow, the first Design Hotels™ property in Russia.

Stanislav Tratsevskiy’s venture into the hospitality industry could be seen as an extension of his already-impressive body of work as an artist and interior designer. With the StandArt Hotel Moscow, Tratsevskiy employs his erudition in art and cultural history to create a property that is as traditionally Russian as it is progressive. Here, the hotel’s futuristic interior appeals to science-fiction lovers (Tratsevskiy cites Tarkovsky’s 1972 movie Solaris, the 1982 movie Blade Runner, and the works of Isaac Asimov as inspiration), while the facade, he explains “is truly Old-World Russia”.

*Stanislav Tratsevskiy

Armed with a monumental and decorative art degree from Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry, Stanislav Tratsevskiy has carved an envious path for himself using his diverse range of skills.

The talented artist not only paints canvas but frescoes and mosaics. He is also an interior designer, sought-after by the elite in Russia and Europe to do their private residences. You might say he is interested in everything that could tell a story: “No matter what style of art, a story must be told. In Kafka-ism or surrealism there could be multiple narratives that you glimpse. I like that. You start with a sketch or an idea and then it needs to be polished.”


The StandArt Hotel Moscow defines current global trends and needs of the modern audience, interacts with cultural clusters and communities of Moscow, Russia and the world, and organizes joint art activity and exhibitions.

So that, in November 2016 the StandArt Hotel Moscow started changing exhibition of young contemporary artists from the First Gallery «G1», which offers the best examples of visual arts, sculpture and graphics from contemporary authors. First Gallery «G1» diligently selects works of art which is worthy of being added to private sophisticated collection.

Among the services of the gallery is an individual selection the works of art for houses and offices. First Gallery «G1» cooperates with artisans whose works had already qualified rigorous expert selection process.

The main goal of StandArt and Gallery «G1» cooperation is– to seek out new talents and show them to the world, to give the opportunity to young and talented artists, to express themselves and to show their work to public.

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